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MB showed me a new way of experiencing singing and song that took me out of my head and into my body and soul. I’m looking forward to sharing this new musical awareness out into the world! I found so many new vibrations to play with, increased my connection with my body, and discovered new ways of taking care of myself. Her joy in the discovery and process is contagious. When you are singing with MB, you and your body are in for a treat!

Emmie Schlobohm, Professional Religious Educator, Tender Badass

“From the first moment I connected with MB, I knew I was in the presence of a brave, wide-open soul… And I know at what cost that courage often comes. The lyrics and songs that arise through MB are medicine of the deepest kind. They evoke a remembrance of who I am. They call me home to myself and my truth. MB’s voice gives space for my voice to arise, and together, it feels as though we become a chorus of all that is real and holy.

It is a humbling and powerful process to hear, know, and love your own voice. To let music channel through you. MB is intimate with this process. She is a muse for the starved creative, offering a space for healing, for growth, and for catalyzing change in surprising ways.  If you are looking for a safe space to come home to your voice, to make peace with the deepest truth of who you are, to write and sing the songs of your soul, I can think of no better guide for your journey than MB.”

-Lola Archer Pickett, Soul Seer & Sacred Space Designer

“As a guide and mentor, I trust MB explicitly. She is such a calm, gracious presence, and her spirit and passion pour forth in her words and being. MB truly wants you to connect to your own voice, for all of us to have the healing that comes from singing our own truth. She operates from a place of deep integrity and understanding of the wounds caused by a culture that has told us who is “allowed” to sing and dictates how they should do it. Having gone through her own journey to fall back in love with her voice and undo the limitations imposed on her by society and by herself, MB understands the pain that comes from it and the joy and liberation that is available when we learn to love our own voices and sing our truths. Her gentleness and compassion make her a wonderful guide and leader in this process, creating a space of safety and intimacy.”

-Bronwen Grebe, Visionary & Coach

MB is tender. She knows how to hold the vulnerable space that using our voices can be for many of us. MB is also deeply grounded in her spirituality. Her strong roots have allowed me to follow her into some of the spiraling knots of my own heart, and to remember to resurface for air, too. I trust MB in her imperfection. I trust her in her caring, human, spirit, self.

Sky Williams-Tao, Unitarian Universalist Minister

Your voice is one of the most precious and powerful parts of your body. How do you feel about it?
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