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Private Coaching

You Hear A Calling…

Deep down, you have a calling. To let out your voice. To tell the truth in song and rhyme. You may have had little or no musical training, or you may have found your training to be discouraging. You have a deep, deep longing to sing, and yet you are unsure if anyone would want to listen to you.

You know that our oppressive systems have had a damaging effect on your own relationship with your body, and you are ready to release all that oppression so that you can be a more powerful change-agent in the world, and live your own best life. 

You can see clearly how our world is broken and you know how it needs to change, and you are ready to do your part while loving YOUR body, and YOUR voice, all along the way.

Let me offer you the space, the support,
And all the tools you need –
To root into your own deepest wisdom
And write songs of liberation
For your voice, your life, and
The whole entire world.

If any or all of this speaks to you, I invite you to write me and tell me a bit about your journey. We will design for you a unique path – utilizing somatic awareness, meditation, and musical liberation – to free your voice, and free your soul.

“MB showed me a new way of experiencing singing and song that took me out of my head and into my body and soul. I found so many new vibrations to play with, increased my connection with my body, and discovered new ways of taking care of myself.”

-Emmie Schlobohm, Professional Religious Educator, Tender Badass