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Hearth Gathering

Chants for the New Moon

You love astrology and you love to sing (or, you want to learn more about astrology, and you wish you felt more comfortable singing!).

And, you would love to have simple tunes that you could sing to yourself throughout the day that would help you align to your highest potential within the cycles of the planets.

New Moon Dreamer,
Earth Song Singer,
Join me beside the Hearth Fire…

You feel stressed and overextended. You can’t possibly add one more thing to your to-do list, and you often forget to offer sweet kindnesses to your own body. You need a place where you can come each month, to receive nourishment, deepen into who you are, and realign with your path.

New Moon Dreamer,
Earth Song Singer,
Join me beside the Hearth Fire…

“When you are singing with MB, you and your body are in for a treat!” -Emmie Schlobohm

All the details …

As the moon darkens for a few days each month, we shed the thoughts and feelings we no longer need, and prepare ourselves for new, fresh growth in the month ahead. During this time, songs carry us through, helping us remember what is at our core – that which we can never lose.

This is the season when I welcome you to my hearth, where I have composed chants – simple, satisfying tunes with a few deeply awakening words – to accompany you in the experience of rebirth that each new moon can bring. I begin our time together with a guided meditation, helping you find and accept the soothing power of your own voice within your body. Then, I introduce chants written fresh each month for the special zodiacal energies of the season.

This soul-nourishing experience is available to you for a monthly membership of $40, where you will also gain access to a private online community through Mighty Networks. In this community you will have the opportunity to share your letting-go, your receiving, your insights and creative births alongside a growing group of supportive friends.

Each gathering will occur live on zoom within a few days before the new moon. The meeting will be recorded. So, if you are unable to attend (or unable to focus the way you would like!) at the time of our gathering, you can bring the recording to your own chosen ritual time, on or around the New Moon. Holding each other in mind from across the world, we will always be together, in spirit.

New Moon Dreamer, Earth Song Singer,
Join me beside the Hearth Fire!

Welcome in…