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My Journey

“Hold my hand, hold my heart, Mother Earth, evolving.
I am ready, I surrender, into blossoming.”
-Chant by The Mystic Bard

From the first moment I connected with MB, I knew I was in the presence of a brave, wide-open soul… And I know at what cost that courage often comes. The lyrics and songs that arise through MB are medicine of the deepest kind.”

-Lola Archer Pickett, Soul Seer & Sacred Space Designer

“As a guide and mentor, I trust MB explicitly. She is such a calm, gracious presence, and her spirit and passion pour forth in her words and being. Her gentleness and compassion make her a wonderful guide and leader, creating a space of safety and intimacy.”

-Bronwen Grebe, Visionary & Coach

“Your vocation in life is where your greatest joy meets the world’s greatest need.” -F. Buechner

Ever since I first heard that quote in college, I have been looking for that sacred meeting place between my own deep joy, and the world’s deep need. My journey took me on a spiraling path towards remembering the young child I had once been who sang heart-filled songs of her own invention, to the sky, the sea, the trees and the birds.

After college I studied music composition, studied and taught the Alexander Technique for somatic balance and awareness, and earned a Master’s degree in Singing as a Spiritual Practice from Claremont School of Theology.

Then came motherhood, with adventures that stripped away everything I thought I knew of myself from years of study. As I struggled to survive challenges with my health, housing, and an abusive marriage, I kept my devotion to singing lullabies for my son. The tunes, some old but mostly new, improvised fresh each night, carried me through and helped me remember, again and again, my own heart’s joy.

The lullabies also carried me through discovering my queerness late in life, and the revolutionary recognition that knowing and centering my own body’s pleasure is actually key to becoming a mature and loving human on this planet.

Art by The Mystic Bard

Art by Sky Williams-Tao

As my child’s desire for nightly lullabies waned, I had to rediscover the value of song for myself – not just in response to another person’s demand.  I heard people talking about singing and humming as a form of medicine. So one day I decided to try to sense what happens inside my body when I sing. In graduate school I had focused on the flow of my emotions around singing. But now, I asked myself what was happening, physiologically. 

What I discovered amazed me. It was intense pleasure – vibrations touching pleasure receptors all through my head, neck, and chest, that I didn’t even know existed. The discovery reminded me of, and felt deeply connected to, my queerness. As I gradually fell more deeply in love with my own voice I also recognized the patterns of shame that are layered so deep within our bodies when we fear our voice isn’t “beautiful enough.” I became determined to share my voice with the world, let the songs that were brimming in me fly free, and spread vocal liberation.

The spiraling circles of this path have been woven through with deep spiritual inquiry. From my childhood as the daughter of a Methodist minister, to a World Religions major in college, to seminary studies and a ministerial internship within the Unitarian Universalist context, I have always been devoted to plumbing the depths of spiritual wisdom. My spirituality has grown to be evermore Earth-centered, and evermore unwilling to be contained by religious institutions. Inspired by the movement of the Earth, Moon, and Stars, I feel songs coming through me in a sacred jam session with the spirit world. I increasingly find myself singing my love songs to Mother Earth.

And so, I created the Hearth Gathering as a meeting place. A meeting place for others who seek to embody their own voice and sing deeply resonant words for the turning of the Earth and the Moon. And, a meeting place for my own deep joy with the world’s deep need. Learn more about it, here. You will also find more of my story and my songs here.

Art by The Mystic Bard

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