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Welcome to my home!

Here, you are free

To love the sound of your own voice,

Embody your own pleasure,

And sing your own truth.


Songs with Wings


I’m MB, the Mystic Bard. I believe that songs are alive, and that they are eager to come through us, to help us remember who we are. More than a songwriter, I am a songbirther.

For years, I held my songs back, for fear I wasn’t worthy. Now, I am here to help you along the path I’ve traveled – to love your body, empower your voice, and sing your truth. All for the harmonious transformation of this aching world.

I invite you to enjoy my Songs & Stories Blog, join my Hearth Gathering with chants for each new moon, reach out to me to book a Concert or Private Coaching. There are many ways to sing with me!

Songs & Stories Blog

The Wild Song Path & The Art of Listening Within

SongSpells Op 5: “How Love Tastes”

SongSpells, Op. 4: “Santa Fe”

Sing With Me!


Songs & Stories Concert

When you want to offer a transformative musical expereince to your community…

Chant & Meditate

Hearth Gathering

When all you need is a simple practice that can keep you grounded amidst all the craziness…

Embody, Sing, Create

Private Coaching

When you are ready to truly liberate your voice…

Your voice is one of the most precious and powerful parts of your body. How do you feel about it?
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